Shane M.

Senior Full-Stack Developer, Contractor (LTD Co.) Midlands, England, UK


I'm a full-stack web developer, Independent Contractor and Open Source programmer who's been coding in industry for 10+ years.

Work Experience

oyato cloud, Developer, Designer, DevOps — 2019-2024

oyato cloud is a cloud platform that automatically optimizes SPAs and websites to make them more SEO-friendly and load faster.
  • Developed on-the-fly website prerenderer and optimizer in Go, faedra, TypeScript and React
  • Developed load-balancer system in Go and faedra
  • Developed browser automation systemd in Go, TypeScript and NodeJS
  • Developed image optimization system in Go
  • Developed intelligent (non-AI) website/SEO optimization system in Go, TypeScript and JavaScript
  • Maintain a family of Tor relays to help in the fight for privacy and against censorship on the web

Studio Sonoya, Developer, Designer — 2019-2024

Studio Sonoya is an indie design & development studio.
  • Improved existing codebase and developed parsers for a SQL/dbt IDE built on Electron, NodeJS, React, Redux, etc.
  • Developed GMail extension for use in enterprise
  • Designed logos and UI (built with React and Typescript) for oyato cloud
  • Developed infrastructure for oyato cloud
  • Misc. web design consultation.
  • Built website infrastructure on top of Go and systemd
  • Built bespoke email server solution in Go
  • Misc contractor work.

Kuroku Labs, Programmer, DevOps — 2018-2024

Kuroku Labs develops Open Source software.
  • Created the faedra programming language
  • Maintain the Open Source projects margo & GoSublime — a Go IDE extension for Sublime Text (since 2011)
  • Built website infrastructure on top of Go and Docker/Podman
  • Built IDE-like tools in Go and Python
  • Misc Open Source contributions in Go and TypeScript

Time Inc. (UK), Lead Front-end Web Developer — 2016-2017

After LynkU was acquired by Time Inc. (UK) I transitioned to being mainly a front-end web developer working closely with designers and stakeholders to relaunch the LoveFashionSales sales service with brand new web and email designs. Before leaving, I started building a new service to be integrated with built with React and TypeScript.
  • Lead the front-end relaunch of the LoveFashionSales website and emails after a re-design
  • Started new service to be integrated with InStyle built with React and TypeScript

LynkU, Programmer, Full-stack Web Developer — 2010-2016

At the fashion search engine LynkU, I was mainly responsible for building and maintaining the sales alerts service LoveFashionSales. I built both the front-end (jQuery, later React and Flow) and back-end (PHP) of the website as well as the LoveFashionSales app and the email building system that searched hundreds of thousands of products across hundreds of retailers every day to nd sales matching the user's size and budget. I also contributed to building and maintaining scrapers for the LynkU search engine and building internal tools with SQL, PHP and Go
  • Built the sales alerts service with React and Flow (
  • Built responsive email generator working across various mobile, web and desktop email clients
  • Built LoveFashionSales app with React Native
  • Built web crawler and security scanner in Go


BSc (Hons, incomplete), Computer Science, London Metropolitan University — 2007-2010


Programming — 10+ years

Go/Golang — 10+ years, TypeScript — 8+ years, JavaScript — 10+ years, Python — 10+ years, PHP — 10+ years, faedra — 3+ years

Web/App development — 10+ years

React, Redux, etc. — 9+ years, HTML, CSS — 10+ years, esbuild, Webpack, Babel, etc. — 8+ years, Styled-Components, Emotion — 8+ years, React Native — 1+ year

DevOps — 10+ years

(Arch) Linux — 10+ years, Podman, Docker — 8+ years, systemd — 9+ years, SQLite — 10+ years, MySQL — 10+ years, PostgreSQL, CockroachDB — 4+ years

Web design — 10+ years

Figma — 8+ years, Affinity Designer — 4+ years, Inkscape — 10+ years, G.I.M.P — 10+ years